At A Beauty in Bloom, I enjoy working closely with my clients to enhance their natural beauty and help them be their healthiest from the inside out… for we are all a beauty in bloom.


I have had the opportunity to have Susan do Reiki treatment with me on 2 occasions. Both times I felt a significant change in how I was feeling. The sessions were about 30 minutes. The purpose is to unblock any energy that is blocked in our Chakras and have them all spin in sync These chakras are our energy points that through Susan’s caring hands were able to be unblocked and put in sync. What that means is feeling instantly lighter, calmer and more grounded. She also uses sage to clear away any negative energy and a singing bowl to help you relax.


I can tell you that Susan cares about each client and wants to guide her clients through this process. This is a very special quality. Susan puts everything she has into making the experience wonderful.


If you haven’t experienced reiki before, have an open mind (and heart). Susan won’t let you down!


I had the Agave hair smoothing treatment. It took the frizzy and thickness out of my hair. It can be dried curly or straight easier and faster than before. Sometimes I just let it dry on its own which I could rarely do before unless the weather was perfect. I don't dread humidity and rain anymore.


Thank you for the wonderful blow out class! I am still in training, but am getting better each day. I even had a complement today on how my hair looked. All the tips, techniques, and tools are in place, but need some more practice. As the motto says, 'Practice makes perfect'. But you certainly have set me on the right path so thank you so much. Well, I love what you do and am sending out an email to all my friends to let them know. I will be back to pick up some more product and have my daughter come in to learn from a pro. Again, thanks so much for all your help.


My Boyfriend was so surprised when I walked out of your place and thought my hair and make up looked so nice!!


Thanks for everything! I really appreciate your patience and skills!


Thank you for the wonderful job you did for us as Rebecca's 'make up artist' for her wedding. Rebbecca was having a low key but 'lovely' afternoon autumn wedding. Her dress was a somewhat retro 50's dress with a birdcage headdress. She wanted make up that enhanced what she had without having it be over-powering. I, on the other hand wanted to look 10 years younger with no sags or bags. The bridesmaids wanted everything from 'light and natural' to 'somewhat theatrical' (whatever that means!!) In any case, you pulled it off. The girls were delighted with your work; it lasted throughout the night and you had a lovely pleasant manner that relaxed everyone. OH!! By the way, your price was what one would expect, you were on time and you listened carefully to all our demands. What more could one ask? ...You are all beautiful, talented and fun!!


Thanks again for pulling off the impossible- softening my look by adding natural looking highlights that are low maintenance yet give me an updated and fresh look for the summer!


Susan has been incredibly helpful to our family by helping us shop, prepare and cook delicious and healthy meals. We got her name from a mutual friend and were soooo pleased with all the wonderful soups, snacks, and entrees she prepared for us. Her split pea and chicken noodle soups were two of our favorites as were her kale chips